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ESP "Infinite Prime" wireless alarm

One of our best and most popular alarm systems offers a huge variety of special features.

It is so much more than just an intruder alarm, offering you a wide range of options and choices from key fob and pad setting to voice message alerts when you set or un-set. With built in speech dialling and audio link with a land line.

This wireless intruder alarm system can send you a text message when the system is set or unset. It can also inform you when the alarm has been raised for fire, floods, intruders, medical panics or a gas leak.

All of the notifications can be tailored to your needs and we can even programme the alarm system to switch on your home electrical items. Essential when you are away or coming home late, have the lights already on, the fire blazing and the outside lights welcoming you on your return. With an option for 16 different devices the choice as always will be yours.

The wireless intruder alarm is ideal for outer buildings too such as garages and garden sheds.

If your property is at risk of flooding the alarm offers a flood warning that is active 24/7 even when the system is not set. A telephone call will be made to you in the event of rising water.

The wireless alarm can be set or unset by the push of a button using just one simple key fob.

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