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Home Automation
Birmingham, Solihull & Sutton Coldfield

No longer a futuristic dream home automations are now a home comfort and can even help us with our energy saving endeavours by turning lights off in empty rooms.

One of the most popular products is the KB Sound concealed radio/ mp3 player specially designed for use in the kitchen or bathroom and fully remote controlled; the KB Sound Radio is easily fitted and has 2” speakers so beautifully sized for ceilings.

Electric Gates

Security is a concern for all of us, the added security offered by having gates is often off set by the inconvenience of having to get out of the car to open and close them. We can convert most types of gates to be electrically opened from within your car by the use of a key fob, a simple yet efficient use of home automation.

Security Lighting

While our engineers are converting your gates why not let them install additional security lighting. This is probably the most basic of home automations, but quiet offer is over looked for the front of the property. We can install lighting to illuminate any area of your property and can link it to an internal alarm to alert you to any activity in a particular area.

Door Entry Systems

Our door entry systems can come with video and sound or just sound. The first basic defence for people on their own or with a young family is to know who you are inviting into your home; the door entry system makes this easy.

Latest Offers

Colour Video Door Entry System

Supplied and fitted from £ 349 inc vat

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Remote Control Dimmer via the TV remote

Supplied and fitted from £ 56-00 inc.

Current Home Automation Offer

Concealed Bathroom Radio System

Supplied & Fitted £199-00

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