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Visonic Powermax Plus Wireless Alarm System

Fully installed with 1st year service and 2 year guarantee for only £395 fully inclusive would suit most terrace and semi detached houses

Exceptionally easy to operate using either the remote control key fob or by simply inserting your 4 digit user code, with voice prompts, setting and unsetting couldn’t be simpler.

Because the PowerMax+ is an advanced wireless alarm system there is no unsightly wiring, no lifting of carpets and floor boards and can usually fitted in half a day

The above feature makes this security alarm system suitable  for the blind and partially sighted and any one who prefers not to remember user codes

The PowerMax+ is more than a security system , it is fully expandable. SMOKE DETECTORS can easily be added making a fully monitored fire detection system


1 x control panel (Mains operated with full battery back up)

1 x built in speech telephone dialler

1 x built in internal siren

1 x set of door contacts

2 x pet tolerant detectors

1 x remote control key fob

1 x external siren and strobe

1st year service included

2 years parts and labour warranty

Advanced Home Security and Management System

PowerMax®+ is an advanced home security and automation system that enables users to verify the status of their property by viewing real-time images of their homes from any remote location. This is complemented by a host of powerful capabilities: detection of smoke, gas and flooding, reliable full GSM backup capabilities, easy remote access via SMS, e-mail, mobile or regular phone or a secure web application, and much more. PowerMax+ offers easy yet flexible configuration and clean wireless installation.

PowerMax+ enables homeowners to verify the status of the system, reprogram security functions, and even control their home appliances and lighting – anywhere and any time. From work, on vacation, or even during travel, homeowners easily access the system via SMS, e-mail, mobile and regular phones, or a secure web application. Other important management capabilities include an advanced scheduler for automation of multiple daily routines, and a voice message centre accessible from within and outside the home.

PowerMax+ offers all the unsurpassed reliability and proven performance that have made PowerMax the choice of installers, homeowners, monitoring companies and national utilities. Hundreds of thousands of families in more than 80 countries rely on Visonic PowerMax systems to protect their homes.

PowerMax+ Features:

  • Remote home management – alarms, lights, appliances, A/C – via telephony, cellular or Internet connections
  • Optional GSM-based backup communication channel – for uninterrupted connectivity even in case of tampering with the system
  • Fast and easy installation; easy and convenient programming options
  • Complete home control solution – provides status updates and controls up to 15 electrical devices
  • Detectors supported: PIR and pet-immune motion detectors; glass-break, flood, smoke and gas detectors; door/window magnetic contact, and more
  • Event reporting to: monitoring stations, pagers, SMS messages, e-mail, web applications, mobile phones and regular phones
  • Family message centre with standard and remote access for voice recording/playback
  • Remotely initiated hands-free two-way voice communication
  • Latchkey mode informs parents of a child’s arrival to the home
  • Intuitive textual and audible user interface with language adaptation
  • Full compliance with international standards and regulations